Minimalist Interior Inspiration

I’m sure you’ve all seen some beautiful images of minimalist interior design that just makes your heart swoon. But how can achieve the same look and make it livable? Well, I’ve rallied up some great tips that will make it achievable to do just that!

I couldn’t word this better – The minimalist approach uses only the essential elements: light, form and beautiful materials, usually in an open plan layout, to create a sense of freedom and relaxation. There is no excessive ornamentation and decoration. It usually combines an open floor plan, lots of light, and functional furniture, and it focuses on the shape, colour and texture of just a handful of essential elements. (Taken from Home Tarkett Website)


Lighting can be a form of art. Whether it’s allowing natural light in through large glass doors, skylights, skinny windows along the top of a wall, either side of the bed or tv to create impact. Or you play with artificial lighting in terms of pendant, strip lighting under cabinets or behind paintings, wall inset lights turning towards the stairs, lights inset into outdoor decking and more. Just play with angles, temperatures, and feature what you want to stand out.


Choosing a neutral colour palette will be your best friend when it comes to minimalist design. Playing with tones of white, grey, taupe, tan, black and charcoal can make such an impact with the right furniture and fixtures.


The main factor about minimalist interior design is embracing the empty space. There is no time for clutter and unnecessary items taking up precious space. Have enough to make the room look lived in and what will make your life easier, but the rest can be stored in drawers, boxes, hidden away.


Having enough storage is essential if you are going to keep things clean, as I mentioned above. Because how can you store all your kitchen gadgets, bathroom toiletries, bedside must-haves if you don’t have enough storage. So utilizing storage solutions such as deep cupboards in bathroom vanities, decent bedside tables or under bed storage, and lots of kitchen cabinets will be your savior.


Because minimalist design can be quite cool and not as cozy as many other styles, it is necessary to add in textures whether it is a fur throw on the bed, a chunky towel in the bathroom, a velvet ottoman, a beautiful timber carved bedhead, or a wool rug. There are many things which can add that depth and warmth in the room to bring it back to life.

And with that, another inspiration post is wrapped up for now! I hope you all enjoyed and keep scrolling to see some of my other posts on the same subject!

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All photos found on Pinterest for inspiration! Check out my Pinterest Page at Steph Nereece for more inspiration and the photos listed.

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