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Swapping to Eco-Friendly Kitchenware

So, over the last year or so I have become more aware on what products I’m using on an everyday basis and whether these choices benefit the environment we live in, or make an impact on it. So, slowly I want to incoporate more eco-friendly kitchenware items into my everyday routine.

Making a 2021 Vision Board

So, I’m sure if you’ve scrolled through Instagram, Tiktok or Pinterest then you are very aware of the new movement of vision boards. I am 100% on the bandwagon for vision boards and absolutely love the thought behind them.

Gifts for the Cook!

And here we are again with another range of gift ideas for another type of friend or family member. This time we are talking about that person that loves to be in the kitchen! They love to experiment with recipes, read new cook books, READ MORE…

Gifts for the Fitness Guru!

I’m sure we all have that friend that loves working out – whether its group classes, early morning gym sessions, beach runs, boxing classes, pilates home workouts and so on.

Gifts for the Homebody!

As it is coming up to the season of giving gifts, I thought I would put together some cute gift ideas for all sorts of people. And since this year has been a bit rough and we have all spent more time in our homes rather than out and about, what would be better than some gifts for the homebody!

The Block Reveals – Favourite Rooms!

So, with The Block coming down to its last final weeks, I thought I would do a quick review of my favourite rooms from this season!

My Travel Bucket List!

I have officially got the travel bug, after travelling to amazing places such as Italy, Malta, New York, LA, Bali and so on, I now can’t wait to see more of this beautiful earth we live on. So even though at the moment we can’t travel far and wide due to the worldwide pandemic, I have still got a bucket list for the future.

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