Sage Green Colour Scheme

So, I know I’ve been a little MIA in the last few months, but that’s what happens when we move in our home and go full steam ahead with jobs around the house. haha. And I have been focusing my extra time on finishing my studies with the Interior Design Institute. And throughout my studies I have been trying to expand my creativity through looking at colours, textures, lighting and shapes that are inspired by nature.

And one of my new favourites is the colour sage. It really makes a space feel calm, serene and happy. I love the impact it can make and how it can almost work like a neutral, especially paired with oak woods, white, brass and stones.



  • Cabinetry – With the sage green gaining traction as a more neutral colour, it is perfect to add to cabinetry selections for the kitchen, or if wanting to choose a not so bold area, the laundry.
  • Furniture – Wanting a bolder choice for a lounge, occasional chair, upholstered bedhead, or more, sage green is a perfect start that will also go with all neutrals, warm tones and cool tones, and especially well with indoor plants.
  • Accent Furniture – Because Sage Green is so muted and neutral, it can work with delicate furniture or structured heavier furniture because it doesn’t impose on the space. So any old furniture you may not know what to do with, this is a chance to get creativity and paint it the new-in colour!
  • Bathroom Tiles – Ever seen those pink, terracotta, navy or green bathrooms that just scream WOW! Well this is one more reason to add sage green. TileCloud has some amazing sage and jade green tiles that would really elevate any bathroom, or even kitchen. Check out some or my favourites below!


Sage green works well with any neutral; from white, to grey, to greige, cream and black.

It also complements any wood tone from light-washed oaks, to warm teaks, to dark jarrahs.

The light sage goes beautifully with nude tones, soft pinks and blush. A deeper sage also works well with blush, deep burgundies and rusty terracotta tones.


Found information and helpful articles from Houzz and My Domaine. All images found on Pinterest, all pinned in my boards but not my images.

I hope you enjoyed this small blog post and would love to know more about what helpful interior and lifestyle posts you’d like to see in the future. Please let me know in the comments below if you found this helpful and inspiring!

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