Swapping to Eco-Friendly Kitchenware

So, over the last year or so I have become more aware on what products I’m using on an everyday basis and whether these choices benefit the environment we live in, or make an impact on it. So, slowly I want to incoporate more eco-friendly kitchenware items into my everyday routine and I can happily say these changes are so easy and I love them.

Below, I have let you know of certain items I have made the swap to this year and why I love them and couldn’t go back to disposable items. Links are available on all images. Hope you guys find some helpful tips and easy swaps to more eco-friendly items!


Scullery Eco Reuse 2 Piece Sandwich Bag Set

I recently purchased these from House as they are currently half price and the quality is so good! Works well going from in and out of the freezer. Love the easy zip lock feature.


Tropeaka Metal Straws

I love drinking my morning smoothie with a metal straw and my iced lattes with a bamboo straw. I have purchased many from different brands but love that these Tropeaka ones are great for smoothie consistency. Made with high-quality, food-grade stainless steel and come with a cleaning brush. What more could you ask for!


Keep Cup brew Glass and Cork – 340ml

Now, because it is summer here in Australia I have been using my Starbucks cold coffee cups but this one is a staple for those winter months when a hot coffee is the perfect start to the morning. Love the classic look of this glass, cork and black one.


Re-usable Stretch Lids – pack of 6 Seed and Sprout

Made from food safe, sand-derived silicones (no plastics), with 6 sizes fitting over square and round containers, these re-usable covers will put all that cling-wrap to shame. Can’t wait to use mine too.


Ikea 365+ Food Container with Plastic Clip Lid 1L

Great for everyday meal prep and storage of salads, vegies and so much more. One of the items you’ll always find in my cupboard. And this ikea one is perfect because can have interchangeable lids such as bamboo as another option.


Wombat Re-usable Non Stick Silicone Baking Mats

I have just brought myself one of these silicone backing mats and can’t wait to use it. Great idea instead of wasting baking paper every time using the oven. I have a feeling I’m going to want so many more with different sizes.


Pretty Little Designs Push Top White Containers Set

I have just purchased this set and can officially say it is better than I imagined! And it is currently on sale! Even better if you ask me. These containers are air-tight, keep things beautifully organized and look so pretty, but they also help when buying dry goods from the health stores and skipping the one-use plastic to store them in.


Yeti 1L Bottle with Chug Cap

My absolute, couldn’t live without item mentioned in this post is kept to last. I bring this bottle around with me 24/7. It really helps me drink my 3 – 4litres of water daily and keeps it so cold for so long. And the chug cap is the best feature ever. No spills and sturdy. If you haven’t got one, go get one now!

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