Building Our House – Living Room Inspiration!

Our house is so close to being finished now and we absolutely can’t wait to get in, furnish it and make it our home. I can clearly say our open plan living/dining and kitchen area will be my favourite space of the home. I can already see it all coming together beautifully. So, what inspiration have we found for the basis of our living area. Keep reading to find out and find the best bargains for your own space!

Want a floating tv unit with wooden top to it and TV attached to wall
Love the warm grey walls, charcoal lounge and plants for styling

Things we Need:

  • Comfy large modular lounge to enjoy having friends and family over to watch movies
  • Dining table and chairs
  • Coffee table that fits the space
  • Functional and modern TV unit and TV
  • Stools for the kitchen

Really, the basis for the living room is having functionable and aesthetic furniture that we would use on a daily basis. Styling with small décor and plants will be my main goal so that the area is easy to clean and maintain uncluttered.

Love the Besta IKEA tv unit and black shelving combo

I absolutely love the IKEA black and glass storage shelves as shown in this image, found on pinterest, so I really wanted to incorporate one of them in our design but due to our smaller area we might be using these in another room such as our activity room instead.

Feature wall plan

Things we Want:

  • Floor to Ceiling Sheer Curtains in White or Light Grey
  • Feature Wall in Darker Grey or Sage Green
  • Greenery as Decor
  • Feature Timber Slat and Mirror on wall in Dining Area
  • Beautiful Solid Timber Table (future goal)
  • Charcoal-coloured Lounge
  • Neutral Vibes throughout the entire area
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Clutter-free zone
Love the moodiness of the charcoal furniture at night
Want to create a nice contrast against out black kitchen
Looking for the perfect leather look stools like these

How we will Style the Room:

There are some pieces of furniture that we purchased over a year ago now because we wanted to be prepared with our build/buy (we didn’t know at that time), and this included our dining table, dining chairs and coffee table. I still love them and we had a steal on the price but in the long run I would love to upgrade these. I think our coffee table is too large for our space now that we bought a large modular lounge but we will still use it but most likely in the theatre room.

We recently have purchased our tv unit; the Besta set from Ikea in a timber and light grey, also our TV, and our gorgeous comfy lounge from Furniture Bazaar.

We are yet to choose our stools for the kitchen bench, our coffee table, a little hallway table for behind the lounge and any other decor pieces. However, I think these will best be finalized once we move in and work out the flow of everything.

We do have amazing lighting though, which consists of downlights, a beautiful timber strip pendant above the kitchen bench, and a black cage pendant above the dining table. We are yet to decide on the living room pendant because we don’t want it getting in the view of the TV. So any advice is welcome!

Our Dining Table – Gumtree
Our Flooring – Subiaco High Street
Dining Table Pendant – Beacon
Shaw Corner Modular
Eames Replica Dining Chairs
Our Living Area
Love the Sheer Curtains and the Wood Floors
Love the Olive/Sage Green and Charcoal Vibe

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Images by Vennie Remahs, YamStudios, Interiors by Meg Caris Instagram, Duzen Vedekor, and much more. All found on my pinterest account in LIVING ROOM and INTERIORS.

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