Getting Back Into the Gym – the Fears, the Goals and More

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So, where do I start?

GYM Definition; ‘A club, building, or large room, usually containing special equipment, where people go to do physical exercise and get fit.’

I can definitely say that my fitness routine has taken a back burner for the last year and I have not been feeling my best over that. I lost the motivation, the confidence, and the time to go to the gym, and eventually my fear and my procrastinating got the best of me and I found it to hard to go to the gym.

I have done everything from group boot-camps outdoors in the rain, training at home, crossfit classes, and training at 24/7 gyms, and I can’t wait to try more. However, right now, I am in a funk. I am comparing myself to others, whether it be looks, strength, or ability. I was starting to get used to doing home workouts throughout quarantine and I was liking the fact I was moving my body, whether it was a following a Youtube video, running outside, or doing a small circuit in the living room. I was finally moving again and feeling good.

But I knew that to really see results that I would have to go back to a gym, because I easily get distracted working out at home, and there is more of an excuse to not finish a circuit and sit my sweaty self on the lounge, haha. So with that, I decided to rejoin my gym and take the leap that I was so scared to do. So in order for me to lose that fear I know I need to get out of my head, and focus on some goals that I can track. So that is what I can going to write down here to keep me accountable.


Fear of Judgement: It is scary going into the gym, not looking like the skinniest, fittest version of myself that I used to back when I first went to the gym. And because the gym I go to is very small, I find it very confronting to do Pilates style workouts and other moves that look weird to perform near where all the weightlifters are.

Fear of Failure: I am so so scared to do any move that I won’t be able to conquer or perform properly. Especially when there are other eyes around me, and I might do something so clumsy, like I typically do. I am always scared if I can’t work a new machine, or not balance doing a specific movement.


  1. Being Prepared with a plan in mind of what I want to work out.
  2. Finding my best way to train, whether it be pilates, circuits, weights, or a mix.
  3. 10 push ups in a row. With proper form.
  4. Walk more, especially in the outdoors. Even hiking.
  5. Work on pull ups so eventually can do an un-assisted pull up.
  6. Running for 5 minutes straight without shin pain.
  7. Postitive Mindset and only focusing on my gym plan and not worrying about anyone else, because everyone is there for themselves.


If you are like me and feel like your starting out your fitness routine again, I am here with you. I would love to make myself more accountable with this journey. I don’t want to have a diet/quick fix mindset. I want to change my lifestyle back to being healthy and feeling my best. I want to create balance and be able to enjoy going our with my friends, feeling confident in my clothes, and enjoying my gym routine, and eating healthy nutritious food.

I’d love to stay motivated with you! Follow me on @steph.nereece on Instagram to follow my journal.

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So, if you’ve clicked onto this page, I’m sure you’re someone like me, who is constantly trying to be a better version of myself each day. And I’m sure there are a million of posts about healthy habits, healthy morning routines and so on that you’ve found. But all I can personally say is ‘Everybody Is Different!’

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