How to Start a Bullet Journal and Why

With the new year almost upon us, I’m sure if you’re anything like me then you want to get organized. Bullet journaling has been one of my favourite things to do over the past few years. Not only do they help me track my habits, put down important to-do’s, plan my month, but they also are a great reflection I love to look back it and remember days that would otherwise be forgotten.

So, How do you Start?

First things first, find a notebook that you love. I personally love a hard back notebook, preferably a dot journal but I have also used lined journals and they work just as fine for me. However, the only thing is I can’t fit in as much with the lined over the dot journals.

Then, you want to have a good staple set of pens and coloured markers. I absolutely love the Tombow Markers which have a fine tip and a calligraphy tip which are great for creating beautiful fonts. I also love ballpoint pens as my go-to for all my writing. They are always sharp and fine, not too dark, and get a great pen for everything.


What Do Bullet Journal’s Track?

The great thing about Bullet Journaling is that it is very tailorable to each person and your needs. There is no set pages or amount of space for each day or week. You can literally create it perfect for you!

This means you can really make it work for you. Whether you prefer a more minimalistic and goal-orientated journal, or you want a memory-keeping and colourful artistic journal you can! Just start searching ‘bullet journal’ on Pinterest and you’ll see the thousands of ideas to gain inspiration from.

When I first started I made every cover page colourful and each page matching themes and put a lot of time into it. Then as the year went on you could see my mindset changed and I just wanted to track my habits and write out my to-do lists. So now, for 2021 I have created a beautiful mix of the two and am trying to set it out in a way that will make my life easier.

You can add things such as:

  • Yearly Calender
  • Monthly Wrap/Reflection
  • Monthly Spread and Goals
  • Habit Tracker
  • Favourites – movies, songs, books, tv shows
  • Spending Log and Budget Tracker
  • Travel Journal
  • Business Goals
  • Social Media Tracker
  • School/Uni Assignment Tracker
  • Exercise Tracker
  • Food Diary
  • Grocery List and Meal Planner
  • Milestones
  • Special Dates

Why Should You Start Bullet Journaling in 2020?

Bullet Journaling is such an easy, artistic, planned out method to journaling. You can really create anything you want and make it your own. It can help you focus on certain goals you’re working together, reminders for your weekly planning, get better at tracking your savings, and of course so much more!

If you need some inspiration and ideas I can’t recommend enough Pinterest and Instagram! Search ‘bullet journals’, ‘bullet journal covers’, ‘bullet journal monthly spread’, and ‘bullet journal habit tracker‘ and you’ll find some amazing artistic options!

Check out my Instagram where I will update you on my life and how I track it and much more! And don’t forget to tag me @steph.nereece with your amazing bullet journal pics!

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