Healthy Habits to Start this Summer!

So, if you’ve clicked onto this page, I’m sure you’re someone like me, who is constantly trying to be a better version of myself each day. And I’m sure there are a million of posts about healthy habits, healthy morning routines and so on that you’ve found. But all I can personally say is ‘Everybody Is Different!’ We all thrive off different routines, different diets, different sleep schedules, and different habits.

So, how can you find the healthiest life possible for you? Trick is, you need to found out what works for you, and that means trial and error. I personally know that I love my sleep and I’m not the same person when I don’t have enough. Haha. I also know I function better when I have a smaller breakfast to start my day and more food later on in the day. I also have found walking very therapeutic and view my exercise as a blessing to move my body no matter how sweaty or not.

The key to living the best and healthiest life is to take one step at a time. Choosing one or two habits to implement each couple of weeks will make it easier to maintain and figure out what works for you. So I am going to list some great small habits you can work on implementing to your daily routine to get that life you deserve!

Habits to Try this Summer!

  • Incorporate Movement into Your Everyday Routine – start with a small goal such as movement for at least 30 minutes a day, or hitting 10,000 steps a day. Track these with a smartwatch or your phone and it becomes like a fun challenge to hit that goal everyday. Then that 30 minutes could be upped to 45 minutes to an hour, or having a goal of 150 minutes of vigorous intense movement each week.
  • Meal Prep Where you Need it Most – Now, I’m sure we all have our weak spot when it comes to food. If its salty hot chips, a greasy burger after a night out, a sweet tooth for chocolate and ice-cream after dinner or that afternoon slump looking for a sugar fix. So this is where you need to meal prep a healthy snack or meal to have on hand when needed. You could prep some smoothie bags in the freezer for breakfast or snack options, make a healthy dark chocolate rocky road mix or a nice-cream, or a protein muffin mix for dessert. Or if lunch or dinner is your downfall, you can meal prep these meals all within one day, stored in the fridge or freezer for 4-5 days worth. Pack as much veggies, fruit, healthy fat, protein and wholegrains in to keep yourself full and satisfied.
  • Up Your Greens – Greens are so good for the human body and I’m sure no matter how hard we try, we still never get enough of them. So my favourite way to incorporate them is by using a Greens Powder with a concentrated amount to really see the benefits they give. I love Vital Greens, Tropeaka Supergreens + D, Tropeaka Ultra Cleanse, Natures Way Greens Plus. There are so many good ones out there! They can be added to a smoothie, mixed with juice, or taken with water.
  • Swap Your High-Calorie or Unhealthy Drinks to Healthier Options – I’m sure we all love to enjoy a delicious iced coffee with all the syrups and ice-cream possible, or the sugary soft drinks or frozen drinks that come with summer. But you can still enjoy your coffee or fizzy drink without the guilt. Try swapping to an iced latte with just milk and ice, use stevia instead of sugar, swap to sugar-free soft-drinks or sparkling mineral water with fruity flavours such as lime, mango or whatever you can find.
  • Start a Gratitude Journal – Whether you want to write in to reflect at the end of your day, or to start off the morning with good vibes, journaling and gratitude are an amazing help for the mind. Great for setting goals, saying affirmations, remembering the amazing things we are grateful for each and every day, and a great way to organize your day and the most important things to do.
    Enjoy my pdf version to help journal and gratitude your day.’

Here are my Daily Planning Tracker to be used on a daily basis, with a space for priorities, a timed schedule, quote option, water intake, food diary, and a workout plan option.

Then you also have the Goal Setting Tracker which has prompts of questions that really invoke mindful thinking and then 2 options for goals to start working on, with a start and finish date, obstacles, purpose and the steps in order to achieve the goal. Breaking it down helps making our goals more manageable.

I hope you all enjoy these trackers I have created. Please tag me @steph.nereece on Instagram if you use any of them. I’d really appreciate it.

Photos found on Unsplash by Ieva Kisunaite, Ello and Szabo Viktor.

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