Bohemian Interior Inspiration!

The design rules of Boho are that there are no rules! Isn’t that a fun way to design! However, to create an effortlessly eclectic bohemian inspired space there are a few common themes that emerge. Boho blends and merges elements and influences from many different eras and cultures. So how can you achieve a bohemian styled space, without going too far over the line? Keep reading to find out some common trends within the style and why they work.

What is Bohemian Decor?

Boho style isn’t – sterile, perfection, matching, minimal and colourless. On the opposite hand it is – relaxed, warm, eclectic, colourful, comfortable and lived in! With the boho style, it can either be an all-in colourful, pattern explosion, or it can be done with a muted base and then the use of a few colourful, eclectic pieces that really cozy the space up.

If you look at any photos of bohemian styled rooms, they have something in common, and that is the welcoming and inviting aspect. The spaces look lived-in and enjoyed, and normally overflowing with greenery and plants, really bringing the outdoors in. I absolutely love the look of mixing woods, clean white bases, rattan details, greenery and mix-matched styling décor.


White walls, ceilings, curtains, window frames and so on create a perfect canvas for all the Boho-inspired furniture and décor to really take attention. Sticking with a bright base and whites over black is more fitting with the style due to its very colourful nature.


The use of plants is a big wow-factor to bohemian design. Whether you go for cactus’, succulents, palms, fiddle leaf figs, hanging plants, plants on bookshelves, to plants in huge pots; the list is endless! Creating visual impact with plants and filling in empty spaces make the bohemian style inviting and invigorating. Plants just give that effortless ‘jungle’ vibe that really makes the space feel natural ang earthy.


The style of Boho is for people to enjoy themselves, feel welcome and cozy and hence why a lot of floor pillows, ottomans and poufs are used in this style. A lot of the time the coffee table in a living area is lowered to account for this and the lounge is a lowered style as well.


To keep the bohemian style more sophisticated and less cluttered, don’t forget to stick to a colour scheme. The most common seen are the warmer tones of reds, oranges, mustards, pinks and purples.


The Boho style is all about patterns. Using a base colour scheme made up of 2 or 3 main colours work your patterns in these colours to get the best cohesive look. Find patterns in rugs, pillows, floor cushions, pendants, lanterns, plant pots, and more. When sticking to a colour scheme, that means you can play around with the style and scales of the patterns.


Mixing textures is another way to gain interest and appeal into a Boho room, whether its macramé wall hangings, fringed cushions, wool rugs, twine wrapped plant pots, rattan furniture, linen throws, cotton curtains, or a leather lounge. Textures play a key role in making a space warm and inviting. Opt for more textures over patterns if you want a softer bohemian style.

Boho Furniture Finds!

Below are some of my favourite rattan bedheads that really encompass the Boho style. Rattan is a staple, I believe, in boho interior style for the home. The prices range from just under $200 all the way to almost $900 which still isn’t too bad to add some amazing style and feature to the room.

To summarize, all I can say is style your space with love, and in a way that makes you happy and fits in with your lifestyle. Bohemian style is all about using pieces from travels, vintage and eclectic furniture or finds, embracing nature with plants and lots of wood and natural textures such as wool, linen, jute, and more. Keep it fun and keep it original, don’t get too pedantic about the little details because this style is all about the little imperfections.

Boho Pendant Lighting!

These are some beautiful pendant lighting which I think would go perfectly in a Bohemian styled area. All of these found on Style Sourcebook from places such as Uniqwa, Early Settler, Temple & Webster and Emac & Lawton.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and it gave you some inspiration and ideas on how to style your area in a bohemian-styled dream!

This post is not sponsored at all, I just genuinely love this style and found all products shown myself. Information gathered from sites such as – such amazing styling advice, – another insightful interior design blog and

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