My Favourite Tiles from Tile Cloud

Why I Love Tile Cloud’s Choices of Tiles!

Tile Cloud, an Australian founded business, makes it so easy to browse and buy tiles that will really elevate any space and turn it into the Instagram-worthy room. The business was founded in 2017 and has gained a following of over 160k already! They pride themselves in creating a hassle-free, joyful experience when shopping for tiles with the use of the internet and have a great selection of brilliant tiles picked by interior designers.

Oakley Cube White Gloss Mosaic Tile

I absolutely love this mosaic tile and the beautiful effect it creates even in such a small space. The white and marble look are my favourite.

Newport Gloss Subway Tile

This is also one of my top favourite tiles because of the versatility and the amazing handmade texture they have. These tiles look beautiful vertically stacked, in a herringbone pattern, brick layed and more.

Coral Bay Gloss Fish Scale Tile

This beauty is getting a lot of attention right now and I can’t explain how much I agree! I love the effect it gives to a feature wall or kitchen splash back. It really incorporates the art deco period into modern.

Great Feature Tiles!

The way TileCloud set up it’s online shopping experience make it so easy to find the right tile for your project. Searching by colour, shape, room, material and pattern are such a breeze. The photos that show how one tile looks like, how the tiles look like together, the different variations of stacking and patterns, and a whole wall look make it very easy to decide. The mix between timeless, art deco and modern options they have really made me fall in love with them the minute I saw them. Their Instagram is fabulous for inspiration as well!

Check them out on their website – here! Or their Instagram – here!

Newport Gloss Square and Subway Pattern Tile

This has to be such an unusual but very pleasing tile when layed on a large wall with white grout. The fact that there is no exact pattern makes it very forgiving and gives the room a casual feel. I especially love it paired with oak wooden cabinetry and gold accessories.

All photos found on TileCloud’s website and Instagram. This post is not sponsored. These are my own opinions and feelings.

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