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things I love doing and about me

So, if you’ve stumbled across this little blog of mine, thanks for coming!! I really appreciate your time and your support. I am new to this and am learning things along the way from a photography side of things, a writing side of things and a business side of things. I have a hundred things going on in my head and just want to be here to share my thoughts and interior/beauty/health visions and achievements and bargains with you all! I want to help motivate and inspire anyone who has a passion for these areas like I do! 

First of all, I am 21 years old and currently working full time in hospitality and created this blog because I needed something that sparks a passion in my life. And ever since I could remember I’ve wanted to make a blog. When I was 15 I remember having a whole journal dedicated to blog ideas, photography styles and images I wanted to create, the niche I was going for. So as you can tell, this just blossomed over the years as I read more inspiring blogs found through Pinterest and Facebook Blogging Pages, and then even more when I discovered YouTube Vlogs, etc. So when it came to not only a passion of mine being photography, writing and graphic design, as well as a passion of mine being to inspire and share ideas and tips with others I thought this would be the perfect outlet to show it! 

I love anything to do with interior design, DIY projects, organization, beauty products, travellig and healthy cooking ideas! And I just couldn’t choose one that I only had ideas about so I chose to share something from all topics! Please let me know which ones are your favourite!

So without further ado, I’m going to jump straight into 10 facts about me that would be interesting to know! 

  • I studied my Diploma of Beauty Therapy when I was 16 and absolutely loved it! I loved doing facials and learning skin treatments and products for different skin types. However, I found it very difficult finding a job in this industry being so young so I just went straight into hospitality and found another passion I have.
  • I have got the travel bug after doing a few trips abroad over the last 4 years and can’t wait to share some travelling experiences with my husband after everything goes back to normal. We want to try to get as much travelling done before we settle for a family.
  • I am absolutely a dog person and can’t wait to have a little fur baby with Jono that we can love unconditionally. 
  • Jono and I are currently in the process of building our first home and I am over the moon excited to see it happen and be able have our own space that we can design and furnish.
  • Ever since I can remember I have wanted to go on The Block Australia and create a multi-million Insta/Pinterest worthy home within 3 months, and maybe one day we will apply for it.
  • I have always been creative and absolutely love anything to do with art, photography, graphic design and want to further my skills in these areas. 
  • I love being a barista and making coffees that make people smile. 
  • Jono and I love four-wheel driving, quad bike riding and hiking in our free time. Whenever we get a chance we try to enjoy these things before another part on a bike needs fixing or the weather goes bad. Temperamental and expensive hobbies I know. Except the hiking that is haha.
  • I am currently studying with the Interior Design Institute to learn the skills needed to be an interior designer and hoping to not only use these skills to finish off our own home but also help others to achieve the home of their dreams! 
  • And last but not least, I am a lover of organisation, lists, schedules, calendars, journals, storage and anything which tidied up my life and my mind, haha. This really helps me deal with stress and remind me of things I need to get done or what to prioritise. Otherwise I am super forgetful and get distracted easily. This drives Jono, my husband, insane because I’m not the biggest fan of spontaneous things because I have plans and timeframes and lists of to-dos in mind. Whoops.

So there you go, a little snapshot into my life and some things that you probably didn’t know about me. Thanks for reading this far if you did. And if you did then please answer this question in the comments below!! What is your favourite organisation hack or tip or idea for anywhere in the house, garage, car, etc? 

I’d love to know your ideas that I can implement into our home! 

See you next time! Steph signing off. 

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