Girl Boss Youtube Influences I Love!

I’m sure in this day and age we all watch Youtube and have Instagram and there are a ton of influences out there that help us pass by our spare time and give us some good advice or lifestyle mantras to live by. And I have been following these amazing women for a while now and I can officially say they are people I aspire to be like. They are confident in their own skin, live healthy lives and are so passionate about their careers and I love it!!

Sarah’s Day

Ever since I can remember starting to watch Youtube videos, I watched Sarah’s Day and I have not stopped. She is a health, fitness guru who started creating videos about curing her hormonal acne, which led to healthy lifestyle changes, a good fitness routine, daily vlogs, and now motherhood and renovation episodes which I can’t get enough of. I am currently loving her Renovation Series and am sitting on the edge of seat waiting for the final episode to air.

She is currently working on a cooking project for the last 2 years and I can’t wait to find out what it is, not only because her food ideas suit my gluten-free, lactose-free body but also because it is colourful, inventive and fresh!

If you love a genuine, happy, real, raw, energetic, fun loving friend who treats all her followers like true friends then Sarah is your girl. She is so empowering to women and such an inspiration to be the healthiest version of yourself and also a girl boss. If there is anyone I would truly recommend than Sarah’s Day is up there! Go ahead and enjoy!

Jaz Hand

I came across Jaz Hand’s Instagram from searching fitness inspiration on her page Jazgoesfitspo which is her fitness account. She shares workouts to do at home which helped a lot during quarantine, as well as keto and low-carb meal ideas that are healthy, and just pure motivation of how to stay on track with a fitness journey.

I also love her main account called MakeupbyJaz which she had first being her makeup-artist account, and can I tell you, her makeup is soooo on point. I love the way she can create a beautiful look on any face shape, any eye shape, etc. I can really see how she has incoporated her two accounts together by her taking care of her skin with supplements, facials, exercise. All these things benefit not only her makeup application but also her self esteem. Her outfits are also so stunning and she does a lot of Youtube videos with hauls from affordable brands and how she styles each piece which is on trend and in season. Love her.

Georgie Stevenson

I have recently also started following Georgie Stevenson on Instagram and Youtube as well, and she is such an inspiration for chasing your goals, listening to your body, and being real and genuine throughout everything. She not only co-owns a successful business Naked Harvest which sells healthy 100% natural supplements such as vegan proteins, healthy pre-workouts, and much much more, she also has an amazing heart and such a positive mindset and shares everything with her followers. Such a genuine soul.

Her youtube channel consists of great easy-to-follow workouts that can be performed in the comfort of your own home, also great ‘what I eat in a day’s which I am such a sucker for, and also great inspirational videos about her business and her daily life. I love her positivity and her outlook on life, she always shares realistic goals, easy healthy meals, and not to mention a great wardrobe. Like full on goals for my next online shopping spree right there, from active wear, lounge wear and dressy clothes. I want her wardrobe right here right now. (Sorry, not sorry Georgie if I want to steal your clothes if I ever get to meet you)

And that’s a wrap for now! I’m sure I could go on and on about some other girls who are equally as amazing but I thought I’d really highlight these ones as I have been following them for some time and genuinely love their stories and the inspiration they bring! This post in not sponsored or influenced in any ways. These are my opinions and feelings.

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