The Block Reveals – Pink and Yellow Scheme!

So, when I first started putting together these mood boards a couple weeks ago, I just had a really fun time looking through new items online at Target and photo inspiration on Style Sourcebook and decided I wanted to base my colour scheme with yellows and pinks. And then one day stumbling along my Instagram I see photos of The Block Master Bedroom Reveal and find that Jimmy and Tam’s master bedroom had the exact same colour scheme that I was creating in my mood boards! So obviously I couldn’t help but share them here so that you guys can find some affordable inspiration and maybe just enjoy the visually appealing homewares. I hope you enjoy!

Majority of these products above are from Adairs and Freedom Furniture which are some of my favourite things at the moment, from the rattan furniture and accesories, to the plush velvet chair and cushions, and the vintage linen bed quilt.

Above and further below I have the photos of Jimmy and Tam’s master bedroom creation. I love the fun colours of the space with the vibrant yellow really making me feel happy and warm. The subtle wallpaper looks very beautiful tying in the pattern in the quilt. Since the room itself isn’t huge I think the simplicity of the room with the mid-century modern furniture really highlights each piece in the room. It would be nice to see some stand out artwork in this room, maybe along the hallways corridor to really tie it all together.

In the above mood board I found the Rug, Basket, Stool and Pillow all on Amazon! Links here too.

Target have a beautiful range of homewares at the moment and this includes the mustard/yellow floral printed quilt above, the jute rugs in the round version and oval version, the pillows, and then the reed diffuser which is such a vibe! All the other pieces are found in Style Sourcebook that I use to create these moodboards.

So tell me your thoughts on the Block Reveals below if you watch it! And if not, you are missing out. I can admit I cam too busy to watch the episodes anymore and I’m a sucker for netflix recently but from seeing the reveals each week I think I’m going to have to get back into it for sure.

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