My Travel Bucket List!

I have officially got the travel bug, after travelling to amazing places such as Italy, Malta, New York, LA, Bali and so on, I now can’t wait to see more of this beautiful earth we live on. So even though at the moment we can’t travel far and wide due to the worldwide pandemic, I have still got a bucket list for the future. For the mean time, I’m happy to explore the beautiful outdoors of Western Australia where I live and explore some of the sights I haven’t seen right on my doorstep. Without further ado, let’s get into my bucket list.


Italy has been a bucket list travel destination for me ever since I could remember. And I was so lucky to go on a family holiday with my parents and brother when I was 18!

We went on a Trafalgar tour and saw all the hot spots of cities in Italy, including Rome, Florence, Sorrento, Capri, Venice, Milan and more. My all time favourite spots were the Sorrento coast line down to Positano. The spotted white houses on the hill with the crystal blue ocean with colourful streets. Just utterly beautiful and I would 100% go again!


One of America’s busiest cities, I just had to see as much as I could within the 4 days we were staying there on our way back home from Texas.

It was so nice to walk along Venice beach to Santa Monica Pier and then also a bonus of riding electric scooters all the way the other direction which was awesome! The views of the city, the amount of themeparks, beaches, exploring, hiking and many touristy attractions, also made it so nice to break up the days with many options.


I have been to Bali twice within a years time and I can’t wait to go back again. The holidays I have had there are like no other.

First of all, it is a very affordable destination for us to travel, with hotels and flights at a reasonable price, food and drinks at an even better price, and transportation such as day tours or taxis at the best price! Meaning we could do a lot in one day without breaking the bank!

And the food and drink! Don’t even get me started on the variety and the fresh produce and the array of gluten-free options for myself that I couldn’t pass up, and all in very close proximity. I also love the relaxed atmosphere Bali has and how it helps me slow down and appreciate the little things like the greenery, the walking, the act of being kind, and more. But I will disclose that Bali is known for people getting ‘Bali Belly’ and I haven’t had it yet but my husband got it on our honeymoon and it was not nice. So being extra careful with the water, making sure to use only bottled water for brushing teeth and checking the ice at restaurants is clean, etc. And yes some streets are dirty, and taxis honk every time they pass you, but that’s the joy of travelling and seeing different countries.



I don’t even know where to start when it comes to why I want to visit Hawaii, from the gorgeous scenery, stunning beaches and exciting experiences. The relaxed and chilled atmosphere would be beautiful to unwind in, however there would be so many activities such as paddle boarding, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and even visiting the volcanoes! I just can’t wait!


New Zealand has been the top of my bucket list for a very long time. I just can’t go past the pictures of the mountains, the blue water, the fjords, the nature that feels endless. My dream trip to New Zealand would include a van packed with everything we need and taking a road trip from place to place, no plans of how long to stay in one place. Exploring and hiking and swimming every single day.


Ever since I took a boat ride on Lake Como in Italy on our Italy tour and I could see the mountains that rolled off the north side of the lake with the tips covered in snow and was told that was Switzerland, I have been in awe.

The Swiss Alps would be an amazing encounter to see, and the ideas of hikes and chocolate and cozy homes bring me so much excitement to one day visit this beautiful country.


Another European country I’d love to visit in Spain and this is because of the beautiful and fun culture it has, the impressive architecture and buildings that I could only dream about, and also the Spanish food of course!

From shopping to sun-baking at the beaches I’m sure there is something that will pass the hours of the day easily. I’m also tempted to take a tour like a Trafalgar or Contiki tour through this beautiful country to maximize how amazing it could be.

Madrid Spain

Tell me what your bucket list travel picks are in the comments and why you love the place or why you want to go! I can’t wait to see your suggestions and add more and more to my own bucket list.

{ DISCLAIMER: Photos from the top 3 bucket lists are my own, however the others are all found from the internet }

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