Neutral Bathroom Mood Boards

I am a few modules into my Interior Design course with The Interior Design Institute and when it came to the Mood Boards on Module 3 I couldn’t help but go crazy creating as many ideas as I could. So today I’m going to share some neutral bathroom mood boards to hopefully inspire anyone thinking of renovating or building a house.

And also on a side note, most of these are inspired by my husband and I’s future home that we are in the process of getting. We want the house to based on neutrals however he liked more of the masculine black and grey colours whereas I could design my house purely with white and timber everything. So this is where I can express the looks we both like and hopefully plan an idea that ties the two together.

Luckily we both love a neutral base to start with, so whether it incorporates white, grey, black, timber and ‘greige’ we are both happy. Then when we move in we can experiment with colours that will make the place come alive.

With our bathroom and kitchen design we want them to complement each other but not look exactly the same. We absolutely love the look of black tapware so that was a must. For our bathroom we have a choice of 8 different stone benchtops or go with laminate. For the finish purposes we are choosing stone so then it was weighing up whether to go white, creamy grey or black, as you can see in the mood boards.

We are getting our tiles from Crosby Tiles and absolutely fell in love with this medium/dark grey tile with a warm undertone and ripples through it. So then it was a plan of matching a wall tile, which we wanted to be on the lighter spectrum. Then came the decision of what front should our vanity be. We know in the future we want a floating vanity however for our first home we don’t want to splurge on things like that just yet.

With the rule of threes, I prefer to have 3 main colours going on in the base of any room, usually the floor, the walls and then the other main feature in the room; usually the cupboards, the furniture, etc. Everything little can contain the feature colour and complimentary colours. Below I have linked the tapware, tiles, basins, and any other bathroom goodies I like to take inspiration from.

Quarts Crystal
Dock Ash
Vento Gloss Black
Vento Gloss White

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