Bullet Journal – August Monthly Goals

New month, new goals!

With lots of things currently going on in our life, I have set up a few goals specific for this month to help me focus on these smaller goals one at a time. And the easiest way to write out these goals are in a bullet journal. Written notes are not only therapeutic but also very good to have on hand at any time.

So I’m not only going to share with you some goals that are motivating but also a very pretty way of how to keep track of them. This month I’m keeping mine super simple because 1. I don’t have the time to make all the pretty drawings as usual, and 2. Need to be focused on the goals and what I need to achieve. But look out for in the future when I add some more bullet journal inspiration.

Things that need to happen:

  • Cleaning of car interior and car service
  • Saving half of pay a week for house fund
  • Get enough sleep a night
  • Take tablets and Glow powder every morning

Things that I want to achieve:

  • Meal prep every week for work
  • Find and prepare a healthy sweet treat
  • Workout 3-4 times a week
  • Try some more stretching and Pilates work outs
  • Book in for hair dresser
  • Finish module 6 and 7 of my interior design course
  • Write a blog post a week
  • Go out somewhere and take some photos for instagram
  • Drink more teas and less coffee

My favourite stationary items for bullet-journalling are linked below.

Tombow Pens
Office Works

Office Works

Black Pens
Office Works

Tag me on instagram with your bullet journal creations @steph.nereece because I’d love to see them! And comment down below your goals for this new month.

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