Building Our House – Kitchen Inspiration

Aren’t these two-toned black and white kitchens so dreamy and aesthetically pleasing. My husband and I are blown away by them and going to do our best to recreate something similar in our first home that we are currently in the process of building.

We are choosing to use black matte cabinetry for the bottom cabinets as well as our four laminate pantry doors on the side of kitchen, and use gold long handles on the black cabinetry to stand out. On our upper cabinetry we want to use white matte doors and have no handles to make them almost blend into the wall.

On one side of the over-head cabinets we are implementing wooden shelves to place plants and decorative plates on. This is my favourite part of the kitchen, not going to lie. I just absolutely love open shelving in a kitchen.

For the floors we have chosen a light warm hybrid wood which looks beautiful against all colours and can’t wait to see the beachy sandy vibes it gives to the space. For the kitchen back splash we are trying to keep a low budget so choosing the tiles provided by the builders, these are a 200 x 300mm tile and we have chosen a white tile with a line texture effect on them. In the future if we have the budget we’d love to invest in a marble look back splash, a herringbone tiled effect or something with more wow factor. But for now we are happy to keep it simple and dress up the space.

We can’t wait to finish off our space with tan leather stools, like the ones pictured above. Paired with black taps that will match with the black cabinets and really pop against the white stone bench tops and white splash back. I can’t wait to keep you all updated with the ideas we have for our future first home. And the end results once we move in and really make our house a home.

All the pictures above are from Pinterest. Go check out my page and on the KITCHENS board you’ll find all the links to the creative minds and beautiful houses they come from.

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