Beauty and Jewellery Storage

So, if you can’t tell I’m a sucker for anything shiny, gold, pastel pink, natural wood, white and marble. And I absolutely love having my must-have beauty items out on show so I remember to use them; this can include moisturizers, serums, lip balms, hand creams, face rollers, nail polish and so on. And my newest obsession is beautiful photography I’ve stumbled across on Pinterest of little beauty and jewellery layouts that are to die for.

So today I will sharing my inspiration photos I’ve found from Pinterest and my recreations and ideas for my future house where I can’t wait to have a room dedicated to makeup, clothes, flat lay props, and so much more. With the use of different elements, soft flowers and artwork, structured organisation with messy trays of must-haves I just don’t even have any words.

So without further ado here is the beautiful inspiration I’ve come across.

The use of marble trays, candles, perfumes, cosmetics, jewellery, artwork, sunglasses, mirrors and flowers are so beautiful and effortless.

My Goals

With the inspiration clearly ahead I have thoughts and visions of what I want my space to look like, so with a little searching through stores in person and online I have found some great props to add to my collection.

Kmart was a great starter where I found wooden round trays, marble trays, a gold and pastel pink 3 tiered jewellery box, a black and mirrored bedside table stand for perfume and so on, and dividers for my drawers.

Over the years I have acquired a lot of candles so with old favourites I melted them down and made new candle wax to refill them. And to be honest, if there’s ever a decent sale on candles then I’m going to buy more cos you can never have your house smell too nice.

Next, was to assemble all my aesthetic skincare, cosmetics and beauty must-haves that need to be out for quick access. And these are the results…

Now it’s your turn to show me your storage and pretty displays of your products and jewellery! I can’t wait to see your ideas and find more inspiration! Tag me on instagram @steph.nereece for me to see your beautiful designs!

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