DIY Wedding Decorations

Planning a wedding on a budget? DIY decor is the key to keeping the expenses low. And a huge plus if you love being creative, crafty and savvy!

If you’ve seen my previous DIY Wedding post, I mentioned that the budget for our wedding was tight. We wanted things to be more about the experience than the looks. And also since our reception was held in a backyard it was a relaxed family setting anyways which we just needed to dress up.

I chose to make my own decorations for the tables. Which was always what I wanted to do ever since I could remember planning my own wedding. However, back in those days, when a wedding was a dream, my budget and choice was endless; flowers from wall to wall, huge tent marquess, festoon lighting back and forth everywhere, lanterns and flower wreaths hanging from the ceiling everywhere, candles everywhere. You name it, I wanted it.

Wood and Marble Boards to serve food on with decorations
Fake Rose Vine used to hide poles holding festoon lighting

I started with heading to the op shop and found some round glass bowls with a small opening at the top, and then I searched Gumtree and Facebook Buy n Sell for any other decoration finds. This was the best idea. I found gold geometric tealight holders, gold taper candle holders, and boxes of fake flowers for cheap.

From these finds I decided to start arranging the flowers in vases, the glass bowls and then experimented with putting them inside the gold geometric candle holders and liked that better than having a plain small candle in them. I didn’t glue any of these, instead just placed them tightly amongst each other.

Then with the gold tape candle holders I picked my favourite fake flowers and cut the stems off and arranged them around the outer part to see how it looked. I used a hot glue gun to fix all the fake flowers to the candle holder. It took my dad and I a while to precisely glue gun all the flowers with enough glue to ensure they stuck to the metal. Once the glue was all dried I put the white taper candles in and was very happy with the finished look.

Table Setting on the Big Day
DIY decorations for the table with gold table runner

With the rest of the decorations I borrowed glass jars and tealight holders from a friend and scattered them amongst the floral decorations to look rustic and light the table nicely. I had also borrowed various white lanterns from a friend and these were placed on the table as well, and areas such as the drinks station and coffee station. The cake table was decorated with fairy lights, marble serving trays from Kmart, and some of the candles in glass jars. I absolutely loved the final outcome.

Cake Table looking gorgeous
Taper candle holders with glued fake flowers and tealight holders filled with fake flowers

Other great ideas that I would’ve loved to create if we had the time, and budget, would be such things are large glass jars or empty wine glasses filled with thin string twinkle lights. I have linked Kmart 3m Twinkle Lights below with images. I also always had a dream of little glass milk bottles on all the tables filled with Baby’s Breath flowers. I wanted to create my own entrance sign on a piece of glass or mirror within a white romantic frame with gold, black or white script writing. However I did absolutely love the sign that I hired from Donut Worry Be Happy, and couldn’t fault it for the price.

Amazon Rose Vines
Lights at Night
Baby’s Breath

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