DIY Wedding Setup

So only 3 short months ago I got married to my best friend in the entire world. I keep remembering that day in my mind, a little blurry because it went to so fast, but also very overwhelmingly amazing.

We had a very short time frame to plan our wedding and honeymoon, with our engagement only being 3 months so everything was go, go, go. We wanted to create a memorable day also taking into considerations it was the middle of summer, our budget, the help we got from family and friends, and what was best to hire vs what was best to DIY or buy.

We had a small budget for the day, so we wanted to keep things intimate, welcoming and rustic. Having the setting at one of my family members property was a key start to plan. With that layout in site, we searched endlessly (or should I say ‘I’ searched endlessly) for ideas that would suit the space. My fiance, at the time, had the great idea of getting marquees online whilst their were on sale a couple months before so with 2 marquees at 9 metres by 3 metres long we knew that would be a nice backdrop. At the bottom of the page I have linked all the places I bought and hired items.

This was our set up we achieved the day before the wedding.

I drew a layout of the areas I wanted to achieve, for example, under the marquee to the right we had tables covered in table cloths, and that was going to be our buffet/canape style food area. We had bain marie trays laid up for our hot food, and then platters for the cold food. We had a separate smaller table for the cake which turned out better than I could’ve imagined. Underneath the other marquee we had a long table setting with Tiffany chairs all around for our guests to eat at. If you’d like to know how I DIY styled the tables keep your eye out for my blog post on that.

Food Station Setup
Beautiful Wedding Cake made by my one and only Husband.

Since we chose to have our ceremony in the late afternoon, we knew that the reception would be light only for an hour or two before the sun started setting. With this is mind we hired Festoon Lighting to line the area, starting from the patio and stringing across towards the marquees. The set up day was hectic and fun, to say the least, we had about 10 of us helping set the marquees up, bring in the tables, set the decorations and cover with table clothes so they didn’t blow away in the wind. We had 4 x 20 metre festoon lighting strings to calculate how to setup and not weigh down the marquees, also making it to the power points in the house and the shed. Not to mention, it was raining the whole afternoon of the day before the wedding, so we were covering everything as we went along.

The drinks station was also a fun project; we got three large glass drink dispensers filled with either ice tea, mint lime lemonade and then a huge punch bowl. Beers and wines were in silver large buckets covered in ice. We had managed to get all our wine glasses, water glasses, plates, cutlery, serving platters and bain marie trays from my mother-in-law who used to own a restaurant. That was truly a lifesaver for the budget. It did mean cleaning all of it in the weeks prior, and then cleaning it all up after the big day, however we had amazing family that helped with all of it.

Since we had poles throughout the empty mingling space we decided to use fake flower vines I had bought from Red Dot for about $7 each and wrapped them around the poles, not only so people wouldn’t walk into them, but also to add more decorative appeal. We hired a welcome sign with an easel base from Donut Worry Be Happy that was beautifully complimentary with the theme. Also from the same business we hired a green leaf wall with a ‘Mr and Mrs Sign’ on it for everyone to take photos in front of. They also hire out beautiful flower walls, donut walls, baby shower decor, and much much more. Being local it was a great idea to use their business.

My Husband and I in front of the green photo wall.
The setup of the green wall.

For the ceremony we hired the arbour for us to stand under, and then when Spotlight had a sale on their fabrics I bought 8 metres of white voile fabric, which is a sheer fabric that we wrapped around the arbour to create a flowy look. However, the day decided to be very windy but it still looked beautiful blowing in the wind.

The hired arbour with the white voile wrapped around.

Overview of Items:

Hired Items : Green Photo Wall, Welcome Sign – Donut Worry Be Happy
Tiffany Chairs, Large Wood Tables, Arbour and Festoon Lighting – Richo
Hire Services

Bought Items : Marquees 9m x 3m – Catch of the Day (Groupon Link)
Fake Flower Vines – Red Dot
White Voile Fabric and Glass Drink Dispensers– Spotlight
Cake Knife – Target

Items we had : Plates, Cutlery, Glasses, Bain Marie Trays, Serving Platters, Poles for the Festoon Lighting, Table Cloths, Little Square tables for Cake table and Drink station, Borrowed Glass Jars and Candle Holders

Similar Items :

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